Friday, January 20, 2006

A whale of a time

Not something you normally see everyday in London. This picture was taken as the tourist passed Houses of parliament.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spank The Monkey

As This been the King Monkey blog, I was looking to add a game to my site and this appears to be the most appropriate. Thank you to Mr P for finding it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Have a nice day

Click on the Above link. This will take you to a fitness website. I've started today and programmed in everything I have eaten and the exercise I have done.

I'm glad to say that I weight 175 pounds which means at 6ft my weight is healthy.

The only problems with site is its American. So some of the food you enter can be difficult find,i.e Americans don't have Sausage Rolls.

Its a good site which will show you the calories in what you eat and the amount you burn via you exercise routine.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Invasion or Lost?

Lost came to close last Wednesday. Have C4 released another series which will take over an hour of you life a week? The feeling I had with Lost,in the way it was written seemed they were making it up as it went along. It felt like a show with potential but for me never really found that kick.

Invasion has just started. It's warming up well. But where's Mulder and Scully. If Aliens did land or not, I think Mulder would be the first on scene. I think this again has the potential to keep you compelled. Here hoping it has more bite and edge to it than Lost

Sneaky Swede

More like a turnip. What is going on?

We have a world cup final this June with some of the best players in world at our disposal. Sven is allowed to his opinion however in his role he should be focused on what is duties are. Everyone has ambitions and wants more in life but sven must realise the responsibility being an international manager must bring. The interview shows that he is not 100% committed to his employers and if that is so we need someone who will lead are players to the success they deserve. Not someone who just floats along with a job waiting for the next higher offer to come along.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Just A quick introduction. This picture is a picture of myself Adam Beers and my girlfriend Donna Wootton. Unfortunately it was taken after having one to many!

Chop Souey

I feel sympathy for Mr Souness but more for Mr Robson. Bobby gave us some glorious nights in the champions league and we finished 5th in the premiership before he was asked to leave? WHY? We are now 11th with 26 points. Hopefully we will pick up a result at Fulham. Graeme has been given The life line of injuries. We need improvement and these need to start at the top.

The Real King Monkey

On December the 5th I was lucky enough to see Ian Brown at MEN arena Manchester.
Being only 23 I missed the Rise of stone Roses in the early 90's. Watching Mr Brown was fantastic. Two hours of why we love music. And luckily hearing the classics Roses songs made my 2005. Thank you Ian. And as my girlfriend said as we were leaving "he has the X Factor".

Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is me. I went to see ,BRMC and was lucky enough to meet the guys as I was moving from pub to pub in Nottingham.

The gig was rocking and they were nice chaps. However Peter Hayes was half way through a splif so i don't think he new what was happening.